24 hour lockout service

a service to the rescueBeing a caring emergency service provider is a priority for the team here, this simply as we have met with enough scenarios and enough people in distress to know understand just how much stress a bad situation can potentially cause.

In order to, in the best way possible elevate you from that stress and provide you with the assistance required in the shortest possible time, this 24 hour lockout service team ensures that we are always ready for your call with our 24 hour lockout service.

On top of that, when we land on site you can rely on us to provide the access you require with the great success rate and happy customers from our past experience to prove it.

If you have questions with regards to the methods we use and the work we do, please feel free to call our service team now. And if you have an emergency scenario on your hands, our team is here, ready and waiting.

KeysThe team can unlock everything from safes to bike locks. As an added bonus they service their customers 24 hours  which means that they will always have someone on call in the area to unlock anything you are having issues with. They are open 365 days a year as well which means if you are locked out on any holiday day or Sunday they are the company for you. With many years of experience they can assist their customers by providing same day service for large jobs and work done often within the hour for smaller ones.

If you have forgotten the code for a digital lock or if it has just become faulty they can get the door or gate open for you and it so you can start using it again. Our team are experts in opening and Yale locks, euro cylinder or five-lever mortise dead locks. They can either pick simple padlocks of cut open more high end ones. Offering competitive out of hours rates for unlocking any type of key or code operating device. So from high security to high street brands, our team can gain access quickly by unlocking whatever lock you have. We work with businesses and homes alike, bringing the understanding and professionalism we are famed for to both.

If at all you’re unsure if the item, safe or door you can not gain access to can ever be opened Locksmith near me and they surely can provide you with the answer quickly while and be with you to remedy the situation within the hour. So from high security safes to a key stuck in your mail box, and from upvc door lock mechanism repair to a yale lockout. They can get one of our crew to help resolve your lock, key or security related issue quickly any day of the week.

Non-destructive emergency lockout access

a team with non destructive means ready and waitingThere are many cases lost access where they keys are not actually lost, perhaps they are at the other side of the locked door, perhaps there was a little mishap in organisation, or perhaps fate had just had its way with you and although you know exactly where your keys are, you simply don’t have access to the right now. That’s why our 24 hour lockout service prioritises non-destructive means of entrance above all else.

And right now is when you are in desperate need to get in, or perhaps out. Our  long running and trusted lockout service have seen a very wide range of different situations, which has also brought us to great understanding of just how difficult and stressful situations as such can be. With non-destructive methods in all cases where it is possible, this caring, quick and listening team will be with you and resolve your issue in the easiest way. In situations where the keys are in fact lost or the lock is malfunctioning, they lock needs to be changed, but not to worry.

The well-prepared team is always prepared, and with us we have spare locks, in line with the highest level of industry standards, to be installed on the spot, quickly and precisely, so that you don’t have to waste any more of your valuable time with having to resolve things further. In other words, get our number saved and always have someone you can call on in stressful emergency lockout situations, as well as having an all-round great service team at hand for any home and business security needs. Feel free to give our 24 hour lockout service team a call now with your questions should you have any.

Recommended, reliable and ready

your recommended and reliable emergency lockout serviceStuck on the wrong side of a door you have the key for, just not with you?

Trusting in your ready and available service in times of difficulty and emergency assistance needs is something you can do at all times no matter what hour the clock strikes.

Bringing you the help you need when the resolution to your lockout situation is the most required is what this team strives to do. We are equipped to assist with troublesome and stuck mortise deadbolt locks.

We aim to serve our customers as fast as possible, and with experience in the field and with many lockout situations in the past you are sure to have regained access, at record breaking speeds. We are lock and key experts.

The recommendations and good reputation that follows this trusted service team comes from great services provided to our current and previous customers, call now to ask your lock, key and security related questions or if you need the emergency service to come to your rescue.


Ready at all times for you

access at any timeLosing access to your home or your work place is something which can easily happen, and when thinking about it it’s somehow strange how it doesn’t seem to happen more often. Our team are always amazed by how good we are as a general at keeping our keys in safe places. However, it doesn’t matter how safe one keeps ones keys, sometimes luck has it a different way for us. And getting stuck out in the harsh weather which is current is not only something one wishes to avoid, but it’s also something which can prove a risk to one’s own health.

This is why our 24 hour lockout service has made it a priority to always have an emergency service available for those stuck in this unfortunate scenario. If you ensure that you save the number for this understanding team of experts, you will also ensure that you are never stuck in such a scenario without someone to call on. Here the vehicles are ready and packed, and help will be on location with you in the fastest possible manner. It goes without saying that this is a 24 hour available emergency service provided with the customer in mind and as a priority. If you have any questions with regards to our 24 hour lockout service, please don’t hold hesitation in contact us and speak with someone who knows about keys, locks and security.