Some useful tips

Don’t display your valuables, a tip from the experts

remember to hide your valuablesThere are many opportunists out there who will take advantage of any situation which they see fit, meaning that good habits can help any average homeowner to keep their valuables away from grabby hands. This means of course always ensuring that your doors and windows are locked behind you, even if you are just leaving the room for a few minutes, the clue is in the word.

Opportunistic, and often it doesn’t take longer than a reaction for someone of the sort to take a quick step in to your kitchen and snatch the phone of your table and be out before you have a chance to notice anything at all. Your Locksmith Twickenham lock service provider knows of many situations that has played out in a similar fashion and highly recommends that you ensure that you always keep your valuables hidden.

The service here knows that some of these situations could have been prevented with the right security and the right security habits in mind. If you have questions or are in need of a professional, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here, and remember to keep your easy to pick up valuables hidden from outside view.

Getting into new habits is a simple task of repetition which will take no psychological energy once the habit is in place, you will do things on auto pilot so to speak, and your mind remains free to think about the things which most matter to you. For all your needs, call our number, and if you call now you can get a quote, make an appointment or simply get the security advice you need to take the next step on your own security upgrade journey.

New lock installations for new homeowners with the security expert

new stylish lock installation We would like to bring into attention one of the most common mistakes made new homeowners today. Namely not ensuring that new locks are fitted to the house. The importance of ensuring that you change all the locks on your new home goes without saying, however the caring team of ours would like to stress the point further as it is a point often overlooked.

In some cases security keys are made which cannot be copied without the correct paperwork, however this is not the standard practice, and with most common locks there is no telling how many replications have been made and how might have a spare key to your front door. Help with key cutting and key programming is available from us at any convenient time to you.

Your experienced lock expert are not out to scare you as a new homeowner, but there are reported cases where such a security breach has caused sever issues for the poor new residents of the house. Plus, having your locks changes is a relatively low cost and a a fast job, leaving you informed and aware of where all the keys to your home are.

Get in touch with the lock experts today to find out more, or if you have questions with regards to your security. A more extensive security check and inspection service is also available in which you will find out more about your own current security status as well as find great affordable way of improving on your security deficiencies.

For all other needs from this security, including 24 hour emergency lockout help, or to find quotes, book in for any other work, feel free to give us a ring now.

Secure garden and outdoor areas

our service suggests good locks in the gardenA much more regular occurrence than home intrusion is garden intrusion, and it may not sound so serious, however there are a countless number of stories where people have lost valuable tools and beloved gardening creations due to uninvited garden raiders.

Your experienced tradesman suggests that you don’t leave your tools out in plain view, just as you wouldn’t present your electronics though your home windows, you should lock your garden tools away safely in a shed or the garage. If you are a someone with green fingers and spend a lot of time in the garden, packing what you use away each time can seem strenuous, however well worth it.

Should it prove too much, we would like to recommend one of the many good and easy to use garden storage boxes for tools which come with a good lock on them.

Adding the facility to be able to lock your greenhouse and any other outdoor structure you have in your garden is not only a good way to keep unwarranted hands and eyes away, but it’s also a way to deter burglars from looking twice at your home. A garden with good security is likely to be followed by a house with good security, and therefore it’s a bad target in the mind of the perpetrator.

If you are interested in more extensive advice on garden and outdoor security or if you are interested in finding out more about the security of the main structure of your home, please don’t hold yourself back from contacting this group of experts today.

Lockout service to the rescue

service to the rescueThere are few situations which can be as difficult and stressful to handle as being locked out from your home or your workplace, especially since these things have a tendency to happen when there is no time to spare. If you are currently in a difficult lockout situation dial the number for the ready locksmiths here and help will be with your shortly.

Being rapid to the rescue is a feat which we as a well rounded and encompassing service provider take pride in, and ensuring your convenience and aid in times of need is a matter we take seriously.

In addition to that you can expect competitive prices, a guaranteed resolution to your lockout issue as well as the use of non-destructive means for entry should you know the location of the lost keys.

Arriving in your time of need will be a trained staff member who is equipped with the right tools for the job, this includes parts of the most common lock types to ensure that a lock change can happen on the spot should it be required to keep the integrity of your security intact, and to ensure a full resolution of the issue at hand.

Saving you the trouble of having to arrange of a lock change at a later point.

If you have questions about this or any other service that this dedicated professional provides, feel free call with your questions now. Lastly, don’t forget to note our number down, this way you will always have someone to call should a horrid and urgent situation arrive.