What mortise dead lock is right for my door?

What mortise dead lock is right for my door?

When first looking at the look market for a lock to keep you safe and secure at home. It’s no doubt a daunting experience. The different names and types of locks available are too many to easily get a grasp on if a beginner.
Now that you know what a mortise deadlock is, it’s time to look at what is suiting to your specific situation.

Other than a mortise deadlock you may come across the term mortise sashlock. What this means is that it mixes the mortise lock, being situated inside of the door itself. And a handle which allows you to open the lock with that. Rather than always having to use the key. Which is the case for a regular mortise lock.

Before you decide on anything, please keep in mind that locks. Specifically a sashlock, will come with a security level. A 5 lever mortise sashlock, like a regular one moves five pins to turn. The highest security grade should always be chosen for back doors. So if the lock you are looking to install is for a backdoor. And you could use the utility of the handle option. Then a five lever mortise sashlock can safely be your choice.

red and gold mortise deadlockWhen choosing what mortise lock to have installed on your door. Pick a brand that you know and trust. There may be a long list of providers and products which are new. Even if some of the locks from them will be of the highest quality and calibre, their newness makes the security of their locks hard to evaluate.

If you don’t recognise any of the makes or models. You can always get in touch with a trusted and friendly locksmith to help you with your choice. Help with installation is also available and advisable if you are inexperienced with high security lock installations.

Worth noting. If you have a door which is not wood or UPVC material. The most commonly used types. There may be a need for a special or customised lock. You can speak to our lock experts about your high security door needs. At any time you are free to get in touch, we’re always available.

Do I need a mortise dead lock for my UPVC door?

For security and insurance reason the quick answer to this question is yes. If you’ve not given it any thought yet. Don’t worry. In most new builds, UPVC doors are already equipped with the security needed.

However, if you are unsure, then it’s always best to get in touch with someone who is experienced in the field. Our local, and fast services are always available. Of the highest quality out there because we care for the communities that we are trying to protect.

UPVC material is a relatively new addition to the security of homes and businesses. A door making industry which is still young. However due to the wonderful developments which are occurring there are many high security varieties out there.

To have your UPVC door checked for security. To see if you are in need of a new mortise deadbolt lock installation. A conversation with our experts is what can help you get off the right foot.

Do i need a mortise dead lock for my door to be secureIf your door is of an older variety there is a chance that you need to upgrade your setup. The mechanisms of UPVC doors can be complex, and for these instances it’s vital to have a professional at hand. Likewise, if you notice something change with your lock. It becoming more stiff in use, or if it sometimes gets stuck.

Call a trusted service for instant assistance. When a lock is starting to provide friction or difficulty when opening it. It’s a sign of deterioration. And to prevent an even costlier repair. A stuck UPVC door lock mechanism. Get it sorted straight away.

The cost you can expect with a change of a lock mechanism can reach up above a hundred pounds or more if unlucky. So ensure your locks are in good working order. Do it with us now. Give us a ring straight away.