What is key programming and who can do it?

What is key programming and who can do it?

A common question that we get from callers is on the subject of car keys and electronic key programming. There are a few different types of keys which need to be programmed, for the general public the most common place to see this is for car keys.

A transponder key is a chipped key. The most common type for car keys. The chips gives of a signal which communicates with the transceiver of the car. Sometimes the signal is sent with a button press, but for some keys it’s a continuous or one that is activated when close to the car.

car key programming available and made simple for youFor many cars, the transponder needs to be programmed to work with the car. Means that in order to start the engine, you simply cannot just have the ignition key turn, but there needs to also be correspondance digitally.

To the question where you can get a key programmed. Your local provider can usually cut the key. If you are in our region please feel free to give us a call at any hour to discuss your key cutting and key programming needs. Your local locksmith will have a stock of different car keys ready for use. As we do. If you have a specialty key, you may have to get in touch with the car dealer for a replacement.

If you are thinking about purchasing a key yourself and then to have it cut and programmed. Be sure to choose a trusted distributor. As there are old and used car keys out there. These cannot be reprogrammed.

Programming of a key is a quick job with the right tools, if you need a duplicate key. Inform your provider straight away. The full turn around to have a new working key in your hands can be quick and painfree.

Lastly, our prices are low and competitive and our services guaranteed. Feel free to give us a ring should you need our key programming or key cutting services at any time.