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Most homeowners in the UK and Ireland don’t think about their home security until it’s too late, we don’t understand this! Don’t be reckless with your possessions! Let one of our team come round today and give you a home safety risk assessment that usually takes half an hour and includes an assessment of your garden as this is the first point of call for an intruder. A risk assessment to some might sound like a way we scare our customers into spending loads of money with us but it’s not we aim to improve your home security in the most cost effective way possible. Did you know for instance, even a simple motion detecting light outside your house can greatly reduce the odds of a break in? And we don’t even sell those!

What about if you haven’t been burgled and you’ve just lost your keys or locked yourself out some other way? Do you attempt to break in yourself risking damage to your house? Or do you wait for a professional to come out and let you back in with an insanely quick response time and years of experience to get you back up and running with your day again.

UPVC door giving you grief? No problem we can come and repair it for you often with no use of parts, we aren’t looking for a quick fix, we want you to be set for life after we leave and that’s why we’re so serious about our job. Always striving to hold the same standards to our customer service as we already do with our locksmith role.

Our lines are open 24/7 so if you have any questions or would just like to talk to someone about a potential job. Our team are dedicated to helping you with your problems and can give you an over the phone no obligation quote in a matter of minutes. Your local Twickenham locksmith operates All Across The Twickenham Area. 

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Don’t delay call today